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Astana Times

Shanyrak social enterprise attracts orphanage graduates to entrepreneurial activities, solves employment issues
Astana Times
ASTANA – The Uralsk-based Shanyrak social enterprise supports orphanage graduates in career guidance, education and employment. The profitable organisation has trained 92 graduates and provided jobs for 39 of them though its recruitment company, ...

Armenia Should Prioritize Children Over Orphanages
Asbarez Armenian News
The charges were leveled against her last year – the same year that I researched abuses in Armenia's orphanages. In fact, I made multiple visits to Yerevan's Marie Izmirlyan orphanage, where the woman charged – Hasmik Mkrtchyan – is director and ...


Oyo govt. to distribute seized wares to orphanages
Mr Isaac Ishola, the Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources in Oyo State, says wares seized from traders who flout environmental sanitation laws will be distributed to orphanages. Ishola said in a statement in Ibadan on Tuesday that street ...

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The Irrawaddy News Magazine

Irrawaddy Division Govt Investigates Alleged Child Abuse at Orphanage
The Irrawaddy News Magazine
PATHEIN, Irrawaddy Division — The Irrawaddy Division government is investigating alleged abuse of children at an orphanage run by Buddhist monks in the village of Apyin Yay Sine, Labutta Township, a regional minister told The Irrawaddy.

Human Rights Watch

Armenia Should Prioritize Children Over Orphanages | Human ...
Human Rights Watch
This week, media reports announced that Armenian authorities charged the director of an orphanage for children with disabilities with allegedly embezzling the ...

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Trump Boasted About Helping 1 American Return From Egypt. He’s Ignoring The Rest.

WASHINGTON ? Four weeks after loudly celebrating its own role in bringing home an imprisoned American aid worker from Egypt, the Trump White House has taken no steps to engage the families of three other detained Americans.

Seventeen-year-old Ahmed Hassan of Pomona, New Jersey, has been held in overcrowded Egyptian facilities with adults since December. Ahmed Etwiy, 26, and Mustafa Kassem, 52, both from New York, have each been detained for nearly four years without receiving prison sentences.

In early April, President Donald Trump personally spoke with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi about the case of imprisoned American aid worker Aya Hijazi, 30, who had been jailed for almost three years. An Egyptian court acquitted her weeks later, closing a case widely seen as an unsubstantiated witch hunt devised to boost Sissi?s image as a tough ruler independent of Washington.

A U.S. military plane flew Hijazi home, and the Trump administration soon released photos of her in the Oval Office with the president and White House aides Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Later that day, Trump boasted about the accomplishment via Twitter, in the form of a bizarre, self-congratulatory video set to the song ?Proud To Be An American.?

The three other detainees and their families grew hopeful, Hassan?s pro bono lawyer and relatives of Etwiy and Kassem told HuffPost this week. But they have since been disappointed. There?s no sign that the Trump administration is treating the remaining cases as priorities, they said. And a previously unreported May 2 State Department letter to Congress about Hassan?s case avoided answering the question of whether Trump mentioned him or the other detainees when he met with Sissi.

?My expectations changed greatly,? Dr. Nagwa El Kordy, Etwiy?s mother, told HuffPost in an email. ?Seeing Aya released after all this time gave me hope that the same can happen for my son. So far nobody from the Trump administration has contacted me. And the [American] embassy in Cairo hasn?t visited him for almost 3 months.?

Praveen Madhiraju, an attorney for Hassan and the executive director of the nonprofit Pretrial Rights International, said the White House has not responded to multiple entreaties from Hassan?s family and lawyers ? including a letter the American teenager personally addressed to Trump.

And Mustafa Hussain Ahmed, Kassem?s brother-in-law, said he had no idea how to even contact Trump?s team. He asked if HuffPost could connect him.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment. Will Cocks, a spokesman for the State Department?s consular affairs bureau, said he could not comment on the three Americans? cases because of ?privacy considerations.?

?We?re aware of media reports of U.S. citizens detained in Egypt,? Cocks wrote in a Friday email. ?One of the most important tasks of the Department of State and U.S. embassies and consulates abroad is to provide assistance to U.S. citizens who are detained abroad.?

?When a U.S. citizen is detained overseas, the Department works to provide all appropriate consular assistance… [which] may include attempting to ensure that the detained/arrested U.S. citizens receive a fair and speedy trial with the benefit of legal counsel; visiting detained/arrested U.S. nationals in prison to ensure that they are receiving humane treatment, including medical treatment if needed; facilitating communications with their families or others as they wish; and assisting with the transfer of funds from family and friends in the United States to pay for attorneys? fees, food, and medicine while incarcerated,? Cocks went on.

Representatives for the three jailed Americans say they are dealing with the challenges Cocks describes with only minimal U.S. government support.

Hassan?s last appeals hearing, an opportunity for him to gain an early reprieve on his one-year sentence for challenging police officers who wanted to arrest his uncle, was meant to be on April 19. But authorities pushed it to July because, they claimed, not enough police officers were available to escort the 17-year-old to the courthouse.

Etwiy and Kassem have been charged but not sentenced. Both have been in prison for nearly four years since being swept up in mass arrests during 2013 political protests. Etwiy has experienced depression and severe food poisoning, according to his mother; Kassem has had to wait up to two weeks for deliveries of the blood sugar control drug, NovoLog, that he uses to manage his diabetes, according to Ahmed, his brother-in law. Ahmed said the American consular visits were ?useless? because officials told Kassem they could not be helpful beyond ensuring he does not die.

The U.S. has maintained a close relationship with Egypt despite growing human rights concerns. At least 30,000 people have been arrested since the military took control in a Sissi-directed 2013 coup. Mass trials, beatings and solitary confinement have become common, and hundreds of prisoners remain behind bars long beyond legal limits on pre-trial detention. Human rights advocates say Egypt is experiencing the worst government repression in its contemporary history. Cairo claims the actions are necessary to combat terror, while outside analysts say Egypt is actually allowing the militant group known as the Islamic State to thrive.

Estimates vary on how many Americans have been affected by the surge in state-sponsored violence. NPR reported a figure of 20 in April, but the Egyptian-American activist Mohamed Soltan, himself a former prisoner, told HuffPost this week that he thinks the number is now nine. The State Department refused to provide details. Egypt?s embassy in Washington did not respond to a request for comment.

It?s unclear what Trump and his team are willing to do for these Americans. Soltan believes Egypt?s regime is more likely to respond to requests from Trump because of the personal praise he has showered on Sissi, one of the many authoritarian leaders Trump frequently mentions as favorite peers. The two presidents may see each other later this month when Trump meets with a group of Muslim leaders from around the world in Saudi Arabia.

But the White House?s approach thus far does not suggest such personal requests are forthcoming. Hassan?s congressional representatives, Sens. Cory Booker (D) and Bob Menendez (D) and Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R) of New Jersey, sent Secretary of State Rex Tillerson a letter on April 25 inquiring about whether Trump or Tillerson had raised the young American?s case during meetings with Sissi earlier that month.

On May 2, State Department official Joseph McManus responded to LoBiondo in a message the congressman?s office shared with those of the two senators. (No similar response was sent to Booker; Menendez?s office did not respond to a request for comment. Madhiraju, Hassan?s lawyer, said he was not aware of the contents of the message.)

?We have been closely monitoring Ahmed?s case, including ensuring fair trial guarantees are respected,? McManus wrote in his letter to LoBiondo.

McManus acknowledged that Egyptian authorities had delayed Hassan?s appeals hearing. ?We have contacted Egyptian authorities to request an earlier hearing,? he wrote. He also said consular officials had visited the young American twice and requested a third visit. Hassan had not been moved to a juvenile facility because his family wanted him to stay at the police station where he was originally detained, McManus said.

?We are in frequent contact with Ahmed?s family here and in Egypt,? he wrote. ?During the consular visits mentioned above, Ahmed has not made any allegations of mistreatment during his incarceration… The family has told us they have regular access to him and that he has been treated fairly well. Ahmed?s father recently expressed concern to a consular officer about crowded and uncomfortable conditions at the police station, but told the officer he would confirm with Ahmed before for assistance to have him moved. If Ahmed requests a move during his next consular visit or through his father, we will contact the appropriate Egyptian authorities to facilitate that request.?

The letter did not respond to the third question in the lawmakers? original letter to Tillerson: ?Did you or President Trump raise Ahmed?s case and those of other American citizens when President Sissi visited Washington in early April??

After being informed of the letter?s contents, Hassan?s attorney told HuffPost the State Department accurately described its efforts so far but that they were insufficient. ?State?s first responsibility is to make sure one of ours has a fair trial and is treated humanely. If they are imprisoned unjustly, it?s then the President?s duty – both legal and moral – to demand their release,? Madhiraju wrote in a Saturday night email. Hassan ?wasn?t able to speak with his attorney before trial. Etwiy and Kassem have been in jail for more than three years without trial. Monitoring their conditions is not enough.?

Despite Trump?s talk of always putting America and Americans first, advocates believe more high-profile attention is necessary to really prompt a U.S. government push.

?It?s important to note how crucial public opinion is in creating pressure on the administration to act more intentionally on behalf of these citizens,? Soltan and his sister, Middle East strategy consultant Hanaa Soltan, wrote to HuffPost. ?Mohamed?s and Aya?s case both garnered quite a bit of attention before the administrations were moved to act on them as they did.? (The Obama administration lobbied for Mohamed Soltan?s release in 2015.)

?Every case is a combination of factors, of sustained public and private engagement with the Egyptians at multiple levels from multiple actors. The strategy also depends upon what stage the case has reached in Egypt,? said Wade McMullen, an attorney for Hijazi, the freed aid worker, at the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights nonprofit. ?President Trump and his administration deserve credit for personally engaging on Aya and [her husband] Mohamed?s case with President Sisi and other Egyptian officials. But a lot of people deserve credit for Aya?s and Mohamed?s freedom.?

In a Wednesday email, McMullen cited the Egyptian legal team, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) and Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.) and advocacy organizations and U.S. officials.

For now, the other Americans remain behind bars.

?Trump is spending his weekends golfing in Bedminster, N.J., while Ahmed will spend his 18th birthday in jail,? Madhiraju said, noting that Hassan?s birthday is on May 25 and that the president is legally required to make inquiries to any foreign government that unjustly detains an American.  

Hassan described the conditions in his March letter to Trump.

?I?ve been in jail in Egypt since December 1, 2016, and am laughed at and mistreated by the police here because I am American. Please help me,? he wrote. ?I am in a jail cell with more than 20 adults. It is scary to be here with these people and the police… I am proud to be an American. I beg you to defend my right to be free.?

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story misidentified Hanaa Soltan as a lawyer. She is a consultant focused on Middle East affairs who works closely with lawyers and advocates on issues like helping Americans detained abroad; she is not an attorney.

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Why Rosario Dawson Is Backing A Home Compost Campaign

Composting leftovers may seem like a hobby reserved for only the most dedicated environmentalists, but it?s a lot more accessible than you may think.

Just let Alison Teal show you how.

The social media star and sustainability guru recently teamed up with celebrities including actress Rosario Dawson, singer Jason Mraz and actor Adrian Grenier in a campaign to get more people to compost their leftover produce at home. In the video above, she shows how easy it is to start your own compost bin at home, from start to finish.

To get started, all you?ll need is some dirt, strips of newspaper, live red wiggler composting worms (which you can easily buy online) and a container with a lid. Add leftover vegetable scraps, leftovers or compostable trash, then let the worms and their nutrient-rich poop do their magic.

You can use the composted soil  for your home gardens or house plants. Just remember, as Teal recommends in the video, avoid adding any meat, dairy or foods cooked with oil.

Food waste is the single largest component that takes up space in landfills across the country, which causes landfills to release toxic amounts of methane gas, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

Composting is an easy way to put your food waste to good use and do your part to help the planet.

Watch the video above to get your compost bin started. Your house plants, and Jason Mraz, will thank you for it.

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Trump Models Might Be Running Out Of Models

Trump Models appears to be slowly disappearing.

A former manager at the New York company founded by President Trump has left the company to launch a new agency called Anti Management ? and is taking with him many of the women who were once on the Trump Models roster.

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Patricia Arquette Calls Out Jeff Sessions For Ignoring Trans Deaths

Patricia Arquette blasted Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not responding to Democratic members of Congress who asked for a federal hate crime investigation into a recent spate of killings of transgender women of color.

Arquette, 48, made the fiery remarks as part of an acceptance speech at the 2017 GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday. The ?Boyhood? star was honored with GLAAD?s Vanguard Award for her outspoken support of the LGBTQ community, in particular her late sister, Alexis Arquette, who identified as trans. 

?This year we have already seen eight trans women of color viscously murdered, some of them misgendered,? a teary Arquette told the crowd in her speech, which can be viewed below. ?Two weeks ago, members of Congress asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice to launch a federal hate crimes investigation into the murders. The response from Sessions? Silence.?  

She then added, ?Well, we ? LGBTQ people and allies ? don?t do silence.?

Known as one of the most anti-gay politicians in Washington, Sessions has opposed pro-LGBTQ legislation at every level. The former Alabama senator voted in support of a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage and against taking up a bill providing workplace discrimination protections for LGBTQ people. He was also against repealing the military?s ?don?t ask, don?t tell? policy, and voted against expanding the definition of hate crimes to include attacks on people because of their sexual orientation and gender identity twice.

Arquette?s passion for LGBTQ causes is, of course, personal, and the Oscar winner devoted the rest of her GLAAD speech to Alexis, who died in September at the age of 47. Though her sister enjoyed roles in hit films like ?Pulp Fiction? and ?The Wedding Singer,? Alexis ?couldn?t live a life that was a lie,? Arquette said, and thus put her Hollywood success on the line when she came out as trans in 2006. 

?Alexis challenged the movie industry at its core,? Arquette said. ?Whatever mark I have made in this life in activism will always pale in the light of Alexis? bravery. She did not knock on the door of progress. She kicked the door open.?

Arquette also responded to critics who feel that Hollywood stars should steer clear of politics, noting, ?I am an actor. I?m also a taxpayer. I?m also a sister, and I?m an American.? 

Like what you see? Don?t miss the Queer Voices newsletter.

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Jane Goodall Wants You To Stand Up To Those Who Belittle Science

WASHINGTON ? Famed anthropologist and conservationist Jane Goodall wants everyone to stand up to those working to undermine scientific research by joining this month?s ?March for Science.

In a video posted to Facebook on Friday, Goodall spoke of the important role science has played in her own life. She she said she finds it ?disturbing? that today there are people belittling scientists and the role they play in our understanding of ourselves and the planet. 

?Many scientists have spent years collecting information about the effect of human actions on the climate,? said Goodall, who turns 83 on Monday. ?There?s no question that the climate is changing, I?ve seen it all over the world. And the fact that people can deny that humans have influenced this change in climate is quite frankly absurd.? 

The video message comes a few days after Goodall, a United Nations ?messenger of peace,? traveled to Washington, D.C., where she spoke with media before addressing students at American University. That same day, President Donald Trump, who?s described climate change as a ?bullshit? ?hoax? and who?s vowed to withdraw the U.S. from the historic Paris climate agreement, signed an executive order to reverse Obama-era policies aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Asked by The Huffington Post about Trump?s climate actions, Goodall called them ?immensely disturbing.? However, she believes the Trump administration has woken people up, citing the numerous marches and demonstrations.

The ?March for Science? is supported by a nonpartisan coalition of scientific groups and is scheduled for Earth Day ? April 22. While the main rally will occur in Washington, D.C., satellite marches have been organized in more than 400 locations around the globe. The D.C. event is ?a call for politicians to implement science-based policies, as well as a public celebration of science and the enormous public service it provides in our democracy, our economy, and in all our daily lives,? according to the official website of the march.

?I really hope that everybody who can will take part in this march,? Goodall said. ?I so wish I could be marching with you. I can?t, I will be far away. But there will be a cardboard, life-size Jane marching, showing everybody that I want to be there and that I shall be there with you all in spirit.? 

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This Word Is Harder To Define Than ‘Schadenfreude’ Or ‘Antidisestablishmentarianism’

What words give a Merriam-Webster lexicographer the most consternation?

Some people might envision a list of 10-dollar terms like ?verisimilitude,? ?nidifugous? or ?poniard? as true dictionary stumpers, but as word maven Kory Stamper explains in her new book Word by Word, the hardest definitions are those attached to simpler letter combos. Think ?but,? ?be,? or ?the.?

The challenge for lexicographers, Stamper explains, is not only to provide a concise, clear definition for the average dictionary user, but also to make sure the definition comprises the many uses of a word. Is ?do? used the same way when someone suggests you ?do dinner? and when you ?do your homework?? That?s for the editorial staff at dictionaries like Merriam-Webster to nail down.

Stamper makes it clear in her book that the job of Merriam-Webster and other dictionaries is to be descriptive, rather than prescriptive, when it comes to chronicling language. That means instead of delivering instructions for ?proper? usage from on high, lexicographers aim to document and define language as it is actually used. That?s right: As much as ?irregardless? feels like the typeset equivalent of nails on a chalkboard for some, its use is widespread enough to deserve a spot in the dictionary. (Same goes for ?facepalm? and ?binge-watch,? two recent additions.)

In recent months, Merriam-Webster has shown that dictionaries can be punk rock, too ? the dictionary?s Twitter account has trolled Kellyanne Conway for her definition of ?feminism? and Scottie Nell Hughes? ?mazel tov cocktail? slip, and became the fact-based watchdog we needed during the chaos of election season. In this political era, we are reminded daily of the power of words, and Stamper?s book is yet another example of that.

A book about dictionaries could likely seem like a dream to a certain sect of book-lovers and a snooze-fest to others, but Stamper?s accessible yet pragmatic writing falls somewhere in the middle: A pleasant, yet realistic, view of the challenges that come with working at one of the best-known dictionary publishers out there. Despite the mid-century coffeemaker Stamper says is still present at the Merriam-Webster offices, ruminating on usage in a quiet office sounds ideal for the average bookworm ? until one is tasked with reviewing the definition for ?take,? as Stamper is in a middle chapter of the book.

?Sometimes these small words are pulled from the regular batches and are given to the more senior editors for handling. They require the balance of concision, grammatical prowess, speed, and fortitude usually found in wiser and more experienced editors,? Stamper writes.

Seriously: ?Take? is no joke. If you?re not convinced, though, don?t take our word for it: Pick up Word by Word and see dictionary-making in a way you hadn?t before.

Word by Word is out now. Pick it up on Amazon or your local indie bookstore.

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Twitter Is Shook That Han Solo’s Name May Not Be Han Solo

Han Solo stole our hearts with his badass space-pirate persona in ?Star Wars? but, in true pirate fashion, he may have been hiding something from us over the years: another identity.

Disney CEO Bob Iger dropped that bombshell Thursday during a University of Southern California lecture where he discussed the upcoming, untitled Han Solo anthology film. Iger stated the project, which begins with an 18-year-old Han Solo and follows him through age 24, is currently in production. 

?There are a few significant things that happen in Han Solo?s life, like acquiring a certain vehicle and meeting a certain Wookiee that will happen in this film,? Iger said. ?But you will also discover how he got his name.?

?How he got his name??! 

What?! Sure, we knew that Han turned to the smuggling life after being orphaned at a young age, but this is MAJOR.

Twitter agreed, and users have been conveying their shock.

Some have even ventured a few educated guesses about what his real name might be …

The ?Untitled Han Solo Star Wars Anthology Film? is scheduled to debut on May 25, 2018.

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Are you Failing Anatomy and Physiology?

When a student enrolls in anatomy and physiology, they have high expectations of doing very well in this class. However, for many people, this is not the case. In fact, a majority of people will drop out of this class the first two weeks and then the rest will follow all the way up until the cut off time that a particular college allows. This is why an anatomy and physiology study guide is so important. Often, a teacher will not connect with every single student and every student will not learn the exact way that the teacher is teaching. Some students are visual, some are audio, in some or a combination of the two. In this class, because many class periods are one hour or less, students are just taking notes and having to review them later.

This results in a lot of self teaching that may or may not be beneficial to every student. Again, for those students who have acquired an anatomy and physiology study guide that can help them decipher some of this information, their grades will reflect this. The demand to get a high grade in this class is very important because some majors will require a student to pass this class with a letter grade of a C. or higher in order to enroll in anatomy and physiology II and subsequent classes beyond this.

The fact is, every anatomy instructor is different and every student will respond to their instructor in a different way. It has been known for many years that school only addresses one or two types of learning and for students that do not possess that type, they may be at a disadvantage unless they get an anatomy and physiology study guide that can help them wade through the information that is important which will in turn help them learn additional information that is supplementary to each concept.

The question is, where do students find a good study guide that can help them pass this class? To answer this question,http://anatomyandphysiologystudyguide.cohas created a reference website that can help students find the help that they need when they are looking for a guide that can help them get a better grade in this class. More often than not, at least one to two hours per class period of studying is required in order to at least get a letter grade of a C.

But with the right guide, studying will be much easier and even fun for those who are currently struggling in this class.


Applying for No Essay Scholarships For Your College Education

If it seems like the cost of earning a college degree just keeps climbing higher and higher as each year passes, it’s not just your imagination. It really is. The cost, in fact, has increased by over 1,100 percent since 1978 according to a Bloomberg study, the year that records of college costs began. The cost of earning a college degree has increased much faster than other things such as general inflation, medical care, and even food. Today, aside from purchasing a home, earning a college degree is the single most expensive thing most people will spend money on in their lives.

Despite such depressing statistics, there are proven ways to lower the cost of higher education. Some people, for example, choose to go to a community college for the first two years of school and then transfer to earn their bachelors degree at another school. Still others make use of challenge exams in their degree plans such as CLEP, DSST, AP and others. Although these strategies can lower a person’s total college bill substantially, it still leaves many thousands of dollars that have to be borrowed to graduate. What’s a person to do?

Good news: There is a way to obtain extra money for college that can dramatically lower and in some cases even eliminate your college expenses. That way is through no essay scholarships.

Scholarships are money that is given out to college students by various companies and organizations for meeting certain criteria. This money does not have to be repaid. It is not a loan. Many scholarships do require applicants to write essays of some kind stating why they deserve to receive the scholarships. These essays can be tedious and time-consuming to write. Because of this, it is often difficult to apply to many scholarships that have an essay component; it simply takes too much time and effort to do so.

No essay scholarships, in comparison, are very easy to apply for. If you meet the criteria of the organization awarding the scholarship, you simply fill out and submit an application and wait to see if you are chosen.

There are so many organizations that award these scholarships that if you spend enough time searching, you are sure to find one or more you qualify for. Some are merit based and will want to confirm your GPA while you may qualify for others for a variety of other reasons such as having membership in a certain organization, possessing a certain skill, or even something you may never have even considered, like having red hair or being left-handed.

Higher education planning can certainly seem daunting with the constantly-increasing costs. Rest assured, though, that there are ways to lower the costs and no essay scholarships are one of the best ways to accomplish this.

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